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WE WANT TO BE MORE THAN JUST ANOTHER PRETTY LIFESTYLE BRAND.  Studies show that around 15 million children in the United States, or 21%, live below the federal poverty threshold. A lack of resources should never be the reason that a child doesn't know what it is like to hike a trail, go fishing or camp out under the stars.

A 2010 study by the Kaiser Foundation pegged the average screen time for kids from ages 8-18 at around 7-1/2 hours per day. While there is growing evidence that physical activity among children not only promotes better mental and physical health, but also improves academic performance. As parents, we want to be a part of the push to reverse the trend of youth inactivity at all levels.

We will partner with people and organizations that will make it possible for us to put this club into action. You buy quality goods, we give back! A portion of profits and 100% of all donations will go towards this goal.

As we grow, so too will our mission. From supporting organizations with a similar focus, to volunteering in the community, to one day organizing club hikes and official outings. Help us build this little outdoor club into a positive force in our community and beyond.