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WE WANT TO BRIDGE THE GAP BETWEEN MODERN EXPLORATION AND OUR SHARED AMERICAN HISTORY.  It's already in our DNA. We want to put it on your walls and help you wear it on your back. Whether you are taking the summer to hike the Appalachian Trail or simply taking the weekend to drive Route 66 in an RV with the fam, we want to help bring that old fashioned American Spirit into your home and keep you inspired to take those adventures whenever life allows.

WE WANT TO PRACTICE WHAT WE PREACH.  A portion of profits & 100% of all donations will go towards our goal of making sure that a kid that wouldn't typically have an opportunity to explore the great outdoors, gets a chance to do exactly that. A lack of resources should never be the reason that a child doesn't know what it is like to hike a trail, go fishing or camp out under the stars. We'll partner with people and organizations that will make it possible for us to put this club into action. Read more here.